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Keep abreast of the latest industry news and announcements affecting the UK’s tax infrastructure for business owners, employees and self-employed professionals. Whether it’s new tax allowances and benefits, new regimes such as Making Tax Digital, or hints and tips on planning for the future, bookmark our news section for articles that help to demystify the UK’s tax and accounting system for clients based in the UK and overseas.

How to Find a Good Accountant

How to Find a Good Accountant Do you need an accountant for your business? How could an accountant help your business? SRG LLP has been providing the answer to those

Do I Need Personal Tax Advice?

Do I Need Personal Tax Advice? Whatever your job or income, one thing is for certain: we all have to pay tax at some point. How much tax you have

When to Move Over to Online Accounting

When to Move Over to Online Accounting The power of cloud computing has grown greatly over the past decade. Now many of us use a cloud to store our photos,

What is Corporate Tax?

What is Corporate Tax? If you are entering into business as a public or private company, you may be asking: what is corporate tax? You pay this tax on the

Why You Need A Self Assessment Accountant

Why You Need A Self Assessment Accountant Every year, self-employed workers and company directors are required by law to tell HMRC the amount of tax they owe. This requires that

Highest Net Worth Explained

Highest Net Worth Explained You may have heard terms like net worth used in finance, but what does highest net worth mean? Net worth refers to the value of assets,

What Can You Claim on Business Expenses

One of the most effective ways to monitor the financial health of a business is to keep track of company spending. These records will also come in handy when you

All You Need to Know About Company Car Tax

All You Need to Know About Company Car Tax Company cars have long been one of the UK’s most popular employee benefits. But over the last decade and a half,

How to File Corporation Tax

How to File Corporation Tax Corporation tax is paid annually by businesses across the UK, at a rate calculated from yearly profits. It is the company director’s responsibility to ensure

What Are Self-Employed Expenses?

What Are Self-Employed Expenses? There are many tax return requirements that you will need to consider if you are currently self-employed. This is particularly relevant if filing tax returns online.

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