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At SRG LLP, we specialise in advising high net worth individuals on how to control their income and assets efficiently, minimising their tax liabilities in the process. We acknowledge that the personal and financial circumstances of every client is unique to them. That’s why we work to develop bespoke tax planning strategies that best suit their individual needs.

The number-one priority of your nominated SRG adviser will be to protect your interests, both today and in the future. Our personalised advice can not only safeguard your personal wealth, it can enhance it over time too. We’ll work with absolute discretion to design a tax planning strategy that maintains your compliance, whilst protecting your wealth for future generations.

Our typical tax planning advice spans the following areas for high net worth individuals:

  • Inheritance tax planning (IHT)
    IHT can be a large liability for your descendants; especially if they are receiving a significant level of assets. There are many ways to plan for IHT and minimise or even omit your descendants’ liabilities. Our advisers will work with you to develop a bespoke IHT plan that protects your interests for beneficiaries.
  • Income tax planning
    With a higher rate income tax band of 45% now active for those earning over £150,000 per year, it has never been more important to mitigate income tax wherever possible. Our income tax planning experts will work with you to minimise your tax liabilities with legitimate and effective strategies.
  • Capital gains tax planning
    Those considering asset disposal require significant forward planning to mitigate the impact of capital gains tax (CGT) as much as possible. Your nominated SRG adviser will work to ensure your CGT liabilities are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Company profit extraction
    One of the main issues for any successful business owner is discovering how to efficiently extract profits from their company, without incurring high tax liabilities. Your nominated SRG adviser will devise a bespoke strategy that allows you to access your profits in the most tax-efficient manner.
  • Business Asset Disposal Relief planning
    Formerly known as Entrepreneurs’ relief, Business Asset Disposal Relief offers significant opportunities to reduce CGT on the disposal of a business or part of a business. Your nominated SRG adviser will work with you to ensure you can enjoy as much entrepreneurs’ relief as possible on the sale or part-sale of your business.
  • Investment advice
    SRG is not a firm of independent financial advisers. However, we are highly experienced in offering expert accountancy and taxation advice regarding the full range of financial investments, as well as the accounting and taxation ramifications of any investment vehicle you may consider.

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