Chartered Accountants, Auditors & Business Advisors based in Central London & Glasgow

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized business tax advice We understand that small & medium sized businesses need an accountant that is approachable, speaks plain English and is available for adhoc advice.
We are also proactive in minimising tax and have affordable fees.
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High Net Worth Clients

High net worth client tax advice We understand that our high net worth clients need an accountant who provides bespoke solutions to their needs, very high levels of customer service and specialist advice to cover both UK and international accounting. Find out more

Corporate & Plc Clients

Corporate tax advice We understand that our corporate and Plc Clients need high level accounting & auditing services with the personal touch.
All clients have a dedicated Partner who oversees all work and communication. Find out more

We are a firm of accountants with a difference, our roots originate from 1887 so we can offer a huge wealth of experience and the very best advice, but being a small firm we can offer you a highly individual and personal service to help you to:

  1. Minimise Tax
    We know most people do not like paying tax, so we specialise in proactive tax planning for organisations and individuals to help mitigate your tax liabilities.
  2. Follow The Right Strategy
    Often the very best results can only be achieved by working the right strategy, we provide strategic advice on areas such as business, investment and tax to ensure you follow the very best path right from the beginning.
  3. Take Away the Pain of Compliance
    We understand that compliance can be a burden for many people, so whether you are an Individual, Limited Company, PLC, Trust or Charity, we will take the pain of compliance away and handle this for you.
  4. Manage International Affairs
    If you have business, investment or other interests overseas there are numerous factors that can involve both accountancy and tax law. We have been working with international clients for over a century so offer you a real depth of knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right advice and support that you need.

We are proud to have worked with many prominent high net worth individuals, corporate clients and businesses, though we only continue to do so because of a continued focus on:

  • A Highly Personal Service
    We appreciate that you have highly individual needs, so you will be personally assigned to one of our Partners to ensure you always get the very best advice and service.
  • The Very Best Advice
    We know we can only give you the very best advice if we employ the right people and give them on-going training and support.We will firstly always look to fully understand your needs, and only then can we give you the very best advice.

Our solutions include:

Proactive Tax Planning

Our tailored tax planning strategies aim to save individuals and organisations both time and money. From personal tax, capital gains and inheritance tax, to corporate tax, VAT and more. Minimising risk and ensuring you are following the right strategy is a key part of the value we add you and your business.

Responsive Business Accounting

An effective business accountant is so much more than just preparing end of year accounts; our regular client communication and reviews focus on both saving you money and helping your businesses grow throughout the year.

Auditing with a Human Touch

We are one of a relatively small number of smaller UK accountants who are Registered Auditors; not only we can provide you with robust and independent auditing, but unlike larger firms you will also get a personal service.

Informed International Accounting

There are so many facets to international accounting that no one can know everything; through our years of working with international clients our large web of experts will ensure you will always get highly informed international advice that suits your needs.

Free Partner Consultation

To find out how we can help you or your organisation contact us to book a free consultation session with one of our partners in either our Central London or Glasgow Office.