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Informed International Tax Planning and Accounting

At SRG, we are proud to be recognised as international tax specialists, helping clients with overseas interests to minimise their tax liabilities and maintain their financial privacy.

We work with clients to devise a bespoke international tax plan, based on their unique financial circumstances. This may involve an offshore company or trust, or indeed retaining their interests within the UK.

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Your nominated SRG international tax adviser will coordinate international tax advice across all eligible jurisdictions for your business. Our international tax specialists will create bespoke tax plans to help those with international assets to manage their compliance, whilst optimising their tax exposure.

Ultimately, your nominated SRG international tax adviser will endeavour to maintain your business’ global compliance whilst helping you to save tax in the UK and overseas.

Offshore Companies

Offshore companies can provide businesses with financial privacy, asset protection and numerous tax benefits. They are frequently used by our clients seeking additional benefits such as no reporting, auditing or filing of accounts, as well as legal tax exemption.

If an offshore company is the right vehicle for your business, our international tax specialists can help you to incorporate and manage your offshore company.

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Offshore Trusts

Offshore trusts offer absolute confidentiality, mainly because the majority are located in offshore tax havens that are often free from UK taxes.

An offshore trust is very similar to a UK trust. It is a great vehicle for protecting your assets, though by their very nature of being offshore, our clients benefit from greater levels of asset protection.

At SRG, we help our clients to create offshore trusts for a plethora of reasons. Whether it’s helping to provide financial security in retirement, or helping to fund school or university fees, an offshore trust can, in the right circumstances, be a very effective vehicle.

Offshore Investments

There are many benefits to investing overseas for businesses and entrepreneurs. Whether it’s reduced tax liabilities, a higher return on investment, less regulation or more investment opportunities.

Despite the benefits of investing overseas, this brings with it greater financial risks. At SRG, our team of international financial advisers can help you to minimise these risks and enjoy the benefits of short and long-term investments overseas.

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