Informed International Tax Planning and Accounting

Our international tax planning advice will help to provide you financial privacy, manage overseas interests and minimise your tax liabilities.

With a long history of numerous international clients SRG have for a long time now been International Tax Specialists.

We will work with you to devise the best international tax plan for you, whether including an offshore company or trust, or indeed retaining your interests within the UK.

Offshore Companies

Offshore companies can help provide you financial privacy, asset protection and can also help you enjoy numerous tax benefits.

Offshore companies are frequently used for many types of business and can offer numerous benefits including no reporting, auditing or filing of accounts and legal tax exemption.

If an offshore company is the right vehicle for you then along with our team of lawyers and bankers we can help you to incorporate and manage your offshore company.

Offshore Trusts

The benefits of an offshore trust include absolute confidentiality, and because most are located in offshore tax havens, then are usually free from UK taxes.

An offshore trust is very similar to a UK Trust; it is a great vehicle for protecting your assets, though by the very nature of it being offshore higher levels of asset protection is provided.

We help our clients create offshore trusts for a variety of reasons, from helping to provide financial security in retirement to helping to fund school or university fees, the offshore trust can in the right circumstances be a very useful vehicle.

Offshore Investments

There are many benefits to investing overseas, including lower tax liabilities, higher return on investment, less regulation and higher levels of choice.

Though along with the benefits of investing overseas also come greater risks; along with our team of overseas financial advisers and lawyers we can help you to minimise these risks and enjoy the benefits on investment overseas.

Free International Tax Review

To find out how we can help you enjoy the benefits of investing or managing your affairs overseas contact us to book a free consultation session with one of our partners in either our Central London or Glasgow Offices.

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