Proactive Auditing Services

Registered Auditors helping UK and International Organisations meet your obligations and proactively manage your organisation.

As a firm of professional accounts highly experienced with corporate clients, our registered auditors can of course help you meet your compliance obligations, but we can also:

  • help build your investors trust in your company’s numbers
  • help to ensure that the long tentacles of your company’s supply chain never become entangled
  • help your company management mitigate the risk of accounting fraud
  • help ensure that financial irregularities rarely occur

Mitigate Risk with our Robust and Independent Audits

We will help you to mitigate accounting risk in your organisation with a highly robust and independent audit which takes into account all the regulatory and legislative issues.

Efficient Working with our Consistent Audit Methods

Whilst we have consistent methodologies, we do understand that every business is different, and therefore every audit is tailored to meet you organisations own individual needs. We also understand the importance of people, and will work closely with your staff to make the whole process as pain free as possible.

Constant Communication

One of the biggest benefits we offer our corporate clients is communication.

Yes we will help you meet your auditing obligations and work closely with your staff so this happens efficiently, but also we will communicate with your regarding any wider issues that come to light and also keep you abreast of any changes to financial reporting standards.

Statutory Audit

If you are a UK or international organisation that meets certain criteria, such as being above a certain size or of public interest, then you may require a Statutory Audit.

We help a range of organisations from companies, limited liability partnerships and charities, who meet these requirements to have their financial statements audited to the required standards within the required time periods.  We are authorised to undertake audits and our details can be found on the Register of Statutory Auditors website at

Keeping you abreast of your requirements with Regulatory Reporting

The power and reach of the primary regulators is ever widening; so one of the key areas where we help is to keep you abreast of your current and future regulatory obligations.

Specialist Audits

In addition to providing our clients with value-added audits which comply with the Companies Act 2006 and relevant auditing standards, we have an experienced team which deals with audit and assurance work relating to specialist assignments which may be outside the remit of the Companies Act.

These assurance assignments include the following specialised areas:

  • Pension Schemes
  • Charities
  • Law Society Accountants Reports
  • Financial Conduct Authority (formerly known as the Financial Services Authority)

With a high degree of experience and expertise in these areas, we are able to offer a technically sound audit service which can be tailored to meet your requirements.  Our specialist audit team will offer pro-active advice in addition to the statutory audit process.

Free Partner Consultation

Every business has different auditing needs, so to find out how we can help your business, contact us to book a free consultation session with one of our partners in either our Central London or Glasgow Offices.

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